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    Who keeps me busier, kids or husband!

    When people ask my husband that how many kids he has, he says I have 2 boys. And when people ask me the same question, I say 3 boys and the eldest one being the youngest when it comes to never-ending demands. Do you agree? In the Indian culture, when we women get married, we tie the knot with a loving and caring husband, which we eventually realize is no less than a grown-up child.

    I understand that a 6-year-old will act like a 6-year-old, and a 10-year-old will also act like a 10-year-old but a 40-year-old to act like a 10-year-old, am I reading too much here?

    Lately, my husband was traveling overseas for quite a long duration, not that he has been traveling for the first time, but I do get some downtime occasionally. But this time around it was for a little longer than usual, and I was forced to think that who keeps me more engaged, MY KIDS or MY DEAR HUSBAND.

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    A story of everlasting friends!

    Did you read Best Friends? NOooo…this is a story of 4 girls who are everlasting friends.

    A journey of 4 girls who have cherished memories of growing up in an easy-going life in the 80s and 90s. An era when life was uncomplicated and gadget-free. An era of numerous stories which remains intact in our hearts forever and not just Instagram stories. An era where we did not click pictures of every action or every moment. In fact, it was a period wherein we do not have any pictures together. That’s how decluttered our life was. Clean and transparent!

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    Finally I caught that Pie in the Sky!

    Dreaming for more is something that never fails to end. On the contrary, comfort is the biggest enemy of dreams. So what is right? End the dreams or end the comfort? There is no right or wrong answer to this but after living 7 years of a COMFORTable hiatus, I had started to DREAM again. Dream again to do something for me. Dream again to be independent. Dream again to do justice to my professional qualification. Dream again to RETURN TO WORK!

    And when career gave me a second chance, I grabbed it with both hands. So much so that I didn’t want to laud around it or paint the town red but just wanted it to breeze in me. If you are a regular reader of my blogs then you would know that just a few days back I wrote a blog on the fear when happiness strikes. And it exactly happened to me. That feeling of happiness when I am on cloud nine and still wish to keep it undercover.

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    The fear when happiness strikes.

    Have you ever come across fear or anxiety when everything around you is going exceedingly well?  Do you suffer from butterflies in your stomach? That feeling when you are on cloud nine but still wish to keep it a secret?

    Ok so let me put it like this. If everything that you had planned is going just as per the plan or more so above expectations and you are unable to demonstrate that happiness. Maybe because of the feeling that something might just go wrong? The feeling that this might be a temporary phase, or how can I be so fortunate to have everything falling into place and something bad is around the corner? Do you keep things secret because the thought or the feeling that visible success can lead to envy or suspicion, leading to misfortune and unhappiness? Is it because of the belief in things getting “JINXED”? Perhaps you would have heard the popular saying, ‘calm before the storm,’ or ‘after happiness, there comes a fall?’

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    FORTYlicious, here it comes!

    The new F word in my dictionary- FORTY! The so-talked-about milestone of 40. Somehow, I keep hearing from every corner about this breakthrough age. The ’40s is the new 20’s, really is it? Though I recently read somewhere that 40’s the old age of the youth and 50’s the youth of the old age. This makes more sense, isn’t it?  Three years back when I had started blogging, I always knew I would surely write a blog on turning 40. I was seriously waiting for this day to come. Why so?? I may not have a definite answer but for sure with complete conviction I can say that this is such age when we finally get our head together, though the body starts to fall apart. This is altogether a different story, will come back on that one too, soon!

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    There is something about the Air of the Airport!

    The airport is definitely one of my Happy Places! What do you say? Airport energy is one such form of energy that makes a sudden shift in your body from lazy and lumpy to energetic and vibrant. Hey, that’s as per my dictionary, so don’t take that literally!

    Don’t you think there is surely something about the whole feel of the airport? The whole air. The whole ambiance. The whole look. The whole atmosphere. So to say in Bollywood style, the whole VAAATAAAVARAN!

    That is one such place wherein one can get up at 3 midnight with oodles of energy. I have never been a business traveler and travel for me has always been personal. So that means more so for a vacation. And who doesn’t love vacations?  But have you ever observed business travelers at the airport? They are no less. With formals on and AirPods on, with coffee in one hand and satchel in the other. The way they walk it looks like they are ready to walk for miles without a halt. And they would have the same energy and vibe all through the day or through the midnight travel. The airport is one such place wherein you see daylight all through the day and night. Everybody around looks so vivacious. The dopamine or ‘the feel-good’ hormone is top-notch!

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