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    The most awaited vacation- Luxury of Maika!

    When vacation comes after a year and a half long, it surely has to be a special one. And what is more special than the Luxury of Maika!
    There is altogether a different feel about the stay at mom’s place and nevertheless, it gets even more special when it comes along with their grandkids.

    Since my parents and I are cities apart, the love and desperation for stay at mom’s place have increased multifold over the period. And this time it had to be an even more special one since it came after a long long time because of unprecedented times we have been living in.

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    When the lady of the house tested positive!

    In addition to the seven pheras and seven vows of Hindu marriage, 13 years ago, the eighth vow was made today.” I always knew that you did a lot for me and my family but now I have realised that you are the spine of this house who is holding upon all of us firm and strong. I promise to help you with every household chores in whatever way I can to make this spine hold more strong”. And my husband was completely drenched in emotions when I came out from my isolation after 15 long days.

    I had never wished to write this blog but this is a story that I really want to share with each and every mother out there. It was a nightmare which actually came knocking on my door without notice and me, the lady of the house was then tested covid positive. I am not certain how I contracted the virus, but unfortunately, I fell into the trap. Bangggg, it comes…How? When? Where? The big question, the big mystery always remains.

    Long story short, I am a homemaker with two young kids and a working husband. Since the lockdown, we have been managing all the chores on our own, no external help, no maids, nothing at all.. absolute Atam Nirbhar, so to say!
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    Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

    Have you come across that feeling when you wish to say a lot but don’t know what to speak? When you feel a lot inside you but don’t know how to express it? When a lot goes in your head but still don’t know how to break the silence?

    Isn’t this feeling persistent these days?  Despite so much going around us, I have been struggling for weeks now to write something and I have the whole day to myself yet, I am unable to think and write anything on a piece of paper. The same old routine, the same old house, the same old tasks and the same old lockdown year followed by another, swagging like a devil. We all had battled successfully last year, locking ourselves inside our houses. Not meeting people, not travelling, not going out and so on. Since the situation was new for us and not a normal one to adapt to but, walking that extra mile always makes the distance shorter.  And we had thought we actually did it! 2021 came with new hopes, new highs. We had thought worse was over and we had battled well, surviving like a king of the hill. But who knew we are out of the frying pan into the fire since the situation around is much more grappling than last year.

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    The screams of never ending Groceries

    Hand to Hand and Bag to Bag, List of Groceries shall never end!

    This statement holds so well for ‘Always falling short, Dear GROCERIES’.

    Do you ever ponder on the daily grind with GROCERIES? Enough has been talked about and read about motherhood and children, various challenges and struggles. I mean, being a mother you have a good day and a bad day. Some happy moments and some sad moments. But with groceries, it is a day to day, every day, a constant struggle.

    I do wish there were bots in the kitchen who would make a note of groceries falling short in the kitchen, place the required order, receive the order and stack them at the correct place. Wow…doesn’t that sound just great! I mean we already are into the digitised world, so this sounds no big deal, isn’t it?

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    Blessed by God, spoiled by my Husband

    Alright, this one is a special one, close to my heart. I am going to start this blog on a very positive note since it’s about me and my husband celebrating 13 years of marriage and almost 15 years of togetherness. I know he will be reading the blog and so will his friends because I am surely going to tag him on this one (wink wink!). Hence, I need to be politically correct!

    We both were fortunate enough to get hooked up by a so called ‘LOVE’ marriage ( I hope he also feels the same!). Though even after 13 years the battle is ON as to who proposed to whom but as they say, it had to happen and here WE are. Nevertheless, be it love or arrange, expectation struggles are almost the same. Isn’t it?

    The WEdding starts with WE and truly it means WE, WE as one unit, WE as one. Though I am assuming in the initial years of any ‘WEDDING’ it is all about ME. As in the questions and expectations that run into our mind now and then. Why ME and why not HIM? Why always I have to compromise and why not HIM? Why should I change my style and why not HIM and blah blah blah…..????
    So over these 13 years of togetherness things have finally moved from ‘ME’ to ‘WE’ and in fact now all attention is on ‘THEM’.

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