Blessed by God, spoiled by my Husband

Alright, this one is a special one, close to my heart. I am going to start this blog on a very positive note since it’s about me and my husband celebrating 13 years of marriage and almost 15 years of togetherness. I know he will be reading the blog and so will his friends because I am surely going to tag him on this one (wink wink!). Hence, I need to be politically correct!

We both were fortunate enough to get hooked up by a so called ‘LOVE’ marriage ( I hope he also feels the same!). Though even after 13 years the battle is ON as to who proposed to whom but as they say, it had to happen and here WE are. Nevertheless, be it love or arrange, expectation struggles are almost the same. Isn’t it?

The WEdding starts with WE and truly it means WE, WE as one unit, WE as one. Though I am assuming in the initial years of any ‘WEDDING’ it is all about ME. As in the questions and expectations that run into our mind now and then. Why ME and why not HIM? Why always I have to compromise and why not HIM? Why should I change my style and why not HIM and blah blah blah…..????
So over these 13 years of togetherness things have finally moved from ‘ME’ to ‘WE’ and in fact now all attention is on ‘THEM’.

Yeah, you got it right, our by-products. I mean now WE are completely lost in meeting the demands and requirements of  THEM ‘Our loveable kids!! And incidentally, God has been generous to bless us with two kids of same-gender but absolutely contradictory to each other. One is a replica of ‘ME’ and the other of ‘HIM’. So even after more than a decade of our bond, WE are now struggling with issues between ‘THEM’
Our marriage is rock solid after these 13 years of togetherness (touch wood!) and we can swim with the tide per each other’s demands and claims after a fairly long struggle.
  1. We don’t argue anymore on the speed of the fan or temperature of AC. Quilts are available around the year to come to our rescue.
  2. A marriage analysis is incomplete without The Towel issue. He finally understood to dry it outside in the sun else, it goes straight into the laundry bag.
  3. Wardrobe, how can we not talk about this? I have totally given up, it’s his clothes, his wardrobe, he can take better care of it ( in fact he should better take care of it, literally!).
  4. Remembering dates has never been a matter of contention since he remembers them more than me. (Hey, I am not referring here to Subodh of Dil Chahta Hai, that was quite too much to handle) One brownie point for him.
  5. Unlike few and as often talked about this topic, I do not take much time to get ready, he is blessed. So a brownie point for me too!
  6. After years of hard work, he has finally realised he is good for nothing but OFFICE( pls don’t hate me for this, my dear husband!). I might be sounding crude but I do not know how to put this more decently. (You know blogging is all about speaking the truth and facing reality)
  7. Over these years, my name has changed to MOM. A person who used to baby me during our initial years of relationship has also started addressing me as a mom along with kids. (Seriously!)
  8. He has understood precisely that mad morning hours are not to be disturbed. Because I started experiencing real morning sickness after my kids were born. (Mornings are no less than chaos, you know what I mean!)
  9. With years of training, he has accepted that in-laws or family saga is never-ending hence, he avoids expressing (now that’s quite a big change!).
Hey hold on, am I giving an impression that it’s only him who has accustomed to me and my requirements? However, if I start talking about ME here, this blog would never end, and you would not want that, right?
Ok, keeping the anniversary in mind, let me touch upon a few things that I have learnt being in this beautiful relationship. (I need my gift guys, can’t let it go!)
  1. This is the most sacred bond on earth wherein you can be just your own self, no formalities, no window dressing.
  2. You have a companion for life who knows how to keep your secrets, who knows all your likes and dislikes and most important bear your MOOD SWINGS.
  3. Parenthood is not only about experiencing motherhood. It is about Father too who contributes equally. (Maybe not when it comes to changing diapers, but that stage is over for us now, hence one less topic to argue). He is indeed the best father I could have asked for our kids.
  4. Truly, way to his heart goes through his stomach. Good food is what increases his dopamine. Hence, its quite easy to get him back on track. (Though he has even compromised to eat khichadi at times)
 In a nutshell, my dear husband is more or less trained. Years of training is finally bearing fruits that I am enjoying to the fullest.  Please don’t ask me the secret because the Secret of a Happy Marriage always remains a Secret!
I can heartily say that he has left no stone unturned to give me all the luxury and comfort in life more than I ever desired. I wholeheartedly thank him for the beautiful life he is giving me and to our kids. Admire him and will always do for the continuous adrenaline he has in him to make it even bigger. Blessed to have him in my life.
Love you, my dear Husband (Excuse me for all the jokes)!


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