Rozana DosTea!

Part of my heart is heavy as you move away to new beginnings, but part of my heart is happy that you guys made me learn what the Rozana friends mean to me. In my 40 years of life, I have never made daily friends, yes, I had few in school, college, corporate world but this household kind of friends, I learned from Neha, Nidhi, and Anumeha. Their friendship made me think about who is my friend in life whom I can just walk up to and pour my heart out to, someone whom I can just call up for a cup of coffee, someone to whom I can just walk up for a chit chat, someone whose doors are always open for me and I do not have to ring the bell (this was for you Ashish!), someone whose kitchen is open to peep and see what is cooking for the day, or someone who can help me close my kitchen for a day. Whether it’s gossiping about husbands, in-laws, or for that matter parents, or just sharing the childhood crush or adventures or any damn thing on this earth which do not make sense. This is how you 3 have set a benchmark for me to understand what daily friendship is. I am not talking here to share my feelings, but I am talking here to share how I feel for you when I see the depth of your friendship….you guys are inseparable!!

I am sure you have found a few more true friends for life. In this thick and thin friendship, I and Priyanka always try to adjust as a complementary dish which always comes with a spark to spice up your gossip….staying next door, today I feel that I might have missed an opportunity to be part of the squad but nevertheless you have set up some great goals and benchmark on how the Rozana dosTea can turn out to be. At the same time, I also feel sad about how being so mean I used to call up for breakfast to cut down my alone time whenever Sumit was traveling. But to tell you the truth, I cherish every single breakfast, those chit-chats, that potluck, those yoga sessions, walking sessions, and the never-ending laughter and sometimes tears.

I will not say that I am going to miss all this because that will surely happen and happen badly, but I can surely say that you 3 have made me learn a lot of new things about neighborhood friendship. College, school, office, etc. we have heard enough but to get lifetime neighborhood friends at this stage is bliss.

Life is full circle and as we drift apart, I can say that I have an amazing friend in Dubai whom I can knock up anytime. She comes full of energy and laughter, one who keeps wandering and easily makes friends with her captivating smile. Her energy is contagious. Always ready to rock and party and can pull people along with her. You would see very few people like her…but deep down I know she is empty because not even a single chat with her when she forgot to mention her loving Dad…you are very strong my friend and be the same as you are.

The one moving to Bhopal always tries to go that extra mile even when it is not required. She loves to cook and make others eat too. I can barely cook for my family, and she is always ready to serve others. She always makes a way for us to wash our sins. All puja path and bringing us all together, only Nidhi can do that. She struggles, but she gets up again, she breaks but again starts to fight against the tide. She does a lot of things against her wishes, but she does it so swiftly that it feels that this is how it was meant to be.

The one who stays a floor up, I might have not chatted with her directly as much as I have heard from the other two. She is the one who wants to make everyone around her happy and perfect. She has her own set of high benchmarks which she strives to achieve daily and perfectly does so. The way she does for her children and family, she goes all out and it’s just commendable…she is always on our target list because she is the innocent of the lot…she loves to preach, and we love to breach!

Priyanka, you are the spark, the tadka, the spice, a perfect corporate woman, who always struggles to cook. Work, eat, gym, sleep, repeat, Santy and Prishu is the mantra of her life….We love you, my friend!

I am blessed to have you friends in my life, a little late but it is for a lifetime!

Good friends are hard to find, Harder to leave, and Impossible to forget. Love you all.

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