2021 is Knocking!

2021Knock, Knock!

2020Who is there?


2020Ohhhh 2021! Where were you all this while…you know how long you took to bring back the smile?

2021Smile, what do you mean?

2020People hate me here and everywhere, they want me to just disappear!

2021Disappear, you mean Go Away? But they are the ones who welcomed you with all their heart on the New years day?

2020Yes, they did! But now they wish and pray for me to just be over and welcome YOU to take over.

2021But what did you do all this while that everyone wants you to exile?

2020Oh my friend, just like every year, people made millions of resolutions and raised a toast with new hopes to cheer! I just wished to help them with their resolutions before they drown, so I pave their way to a new word ‘LOCKDOWN’

2021: LOCKDOWN??? You mean Stay at Home??


They so much wanted to spend time with their family. They even wished to work less and live more. Spend cautiously and save more. Few wished to even pursue their passion. People wanted to be in touch with all their long lost friends. Poor parents wished to spend quality time with their kids. They even wished to impart mythological knowledge to their kids. Some busy souls wanted to pay a visit to their hometown. Poor husbands wanted to understand the whole chaos of the household chores. Surprisingly, few husbands wanted to even help their wives equally from this year. Teachers wished to have a taste of life in a corporate. In fact, few kids even wished for homeschooling to elaborate.

Therefore, for people to pursue all their desires and promises, I wanted them to slow down and reflect. Therefore, I just thought I should force them to stay at home and get things rolling with a LOCKDOWN. 

2021Oh dear 2020, I am afraid to say that your intention was right but the ways and means to get that done was just not right.  Do you understand that anything forced is unpleasant? 

YES, do you agree, anything forced is unpleasant? We had all the ways and means to stick to our resolutions but to crack down into that situation was not asked for. This is what actually happened with all of us in the year 2020. As we made our New Year’s resolutions we had nothing but just hope and wishes. It is easy to make resolutions but tough to walk through. It is painless to make promises but painful to breakthrough. However, 2020 had some other plans. From tough times come tough lessons and to pour over the positive side, the year 2020 surely taught us some beautiful lessons.

  • Life is too short and unpredictable. So just don’t waste time thinking about the right time and right moment. Today is the day so just seal the deal.
  • This year taught us just how much time we have. There are so many other things which we can do apart from our daily stuff. We tried to step out of the rat race and not chant the mantra of ‘I am too busy’. Instead, 2020 came up with a new mantra ‘ stay home, stay safe and save lives’.
  • 2020 taught us to slow down and find space for ourselves. Life moves on, it is for us to find the right space and right direction for our own selves for which we need to pause and reflect.
  • Change is the only constant and 2020 is a classic example of this. The year that started with fear and anxiety has now become an integral part of our lives. We have made our ways through this pandemic as well.
  • There is a lot that 2020 has taught us about ourselves, our relationships, our passions and our values.

I so wish 2020 would have chosen a more humane mode to help people accomplish their resolutions and promises. However, we should not let our past blackmail our present and ruin the beautiful tomorrow(Quoted text).

Nonetheless, keeping all the learnings in mind, let us welcome 2021 with a big smile. Hoping for a better today and a beautiful tomorrow.

Wish you all a very Healthy New Year 2021!

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