Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

Have you come across that feeling when you wish to say a lot but don’t know what to speak? When you feel a lot inside you but don’t know how to express it? When a lot goes in your head but still don’t know how to break the silence?

Isn’t this feeling persistent these days?  Despite so much going around us, I have been struggling for weeks now to write something and I have the whole day to myself yet, I am unable to think and write anything on a piece of paper. The same old routine, the same old house, the same old tasks and the same old lockdown year followed by another, swagging like a devil. We all had battled successfully last year, locking ourselves inside our houses. Not meeting people, not travelling, not going out and so on. Since the situation was new for us and not a normal one to adapt to but, walking that extra mile always makes the distance shorter.  And we had thought we actually did it! 2021 came with new hopes, new highs. We had thought worse was over and we had battled well, surviving like a king of the hill. But who knew we are out of the frying pan into the fire since the situation around is much more grappling than last year.

Every day, every morning, I thank god that I am safe with my family but by the end of the day, hearing the news from every corner, makes me sombre, makes me reflect that where are we heading? Reading the news and listening to reports of friends and loved ones being affected by the pandemic can be concerning. Hearing stories of patients young and old losing their lives to this virus does make us feel defeated and lost.

People are preaching that one should be thankful that they are safe with their family. Make your house a beautiful place to live. Eat, drink, party and pray. Play board games, attend classes, work from home, follow your passion etc. I say we are humans, we are impacted by what is going around in the outside world. We cannot detach ourselves and just live within our family. On one hand, we say, we should not be self-centred and be human to the requirements of others. And on the other hand, we say, we should be happy within our family and ourselves. Doesn’t it sound inhuman and so contradictory? This theory doesn’t match up for me at least. At the end of the day, we all are social animals and what is going around us, all this does matter to us!


Our mind is drying up and we surely need a dose of optimism to live through this situation. To start our day on a positive note, read something positive in the newspaper, watch some positive news on the TV. But this looks totally out of question? Because we are busy covering the adverse news and publishing endless theories and philosophies and spreading panic through word of mouth.

  • I so wish newspapers had a separate page as ‘ Positive news amidst coronavirus outbreak!’ Does it sound that tough!
  • I so wish people who had gone for a holy dip, had prayed at their own temples religiously, Shayad Bhagwan sun lete (God would have answered our prayers)!
  • I so wish for a normal life, when we can smile at each other and not hide away with a mask.
The human mind indeed wants to be optimistic and forward-looking but at the same time, it cannot defy the external circumstances engulfing our lives. Hence, it all comes to a point for all of us to manage, to draw boundaries and learn to tide over this crisis….or chaos….or a collapse!

Stay Home,

Stay Safe,

Save Lives!


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