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Is this your Lockdown story too?

Your One and Only

Household Chores
Household Chores

How much I dreamt to be part of your everyday life;
ever since you stepped into your married life.

Amidst your juggle between home and office;
I know my thoughts kept coming back to you, as promised.

How much I had wished to be just you and me;
when you would spend your days just thinking about me.

Now I am so delighted to spend time with you every night and day;
Since the household help has gone on an indefinite break.

This pandemic has bought me closer to you even more;
Your one and only,
Truly yours,
Household Chores!

Virtual Juggle

Online classes for kids
Virtual school

Thanks to online classes, I have my morning alarm set;
finally, I can rise from the bed.

Earlier it was one room, now it’s two to chase;
father and son make the house look like a shared workspace.

It’s not only kids who want attention;
I also have household chores who face all the rejection.

Kids are happy to venture into the new world of the virtual school;
though I am still struggling to keep my cool.

Ohh…how I wish to convert my rage into sage;
to not live in pieces but in a peaceful space.

Chronicles of a Locked Husband

Husbands working from home
Work from home

A prim and a proper guy dressed in a suit and a tie;
Is often seen these days in the Bermudas and a shirt to spy.

A guy who was once well-groomed;
Is often seen around the house with a broom.

A guy whose office schedule never lets him settle;
Is often seen these days struggling with the vessels.

Every morning he wakes up with new hope;
But the poor guy still cannot get rid of the mop and soap.

I am glad to discover the new side of this dude;
Though I know he has been totally screwed.

All I wish is….A Salon Day!

Salon day
Salon day

My real beauty has now been exposed;
Now that my salon visits are on hold.

My bushy eyebrows look like caterpillars on my forehead;
Oh gosh, I urgently need to mow this grass before it further spreads.

Upper lips, Aaahhh….I had always thought it to be a hidden truth;
My kids have started comparing it to their dad’s mooch.

My manicured hands look like a distant dream;
Now that most of the time I spend cleaning vessels in the sink.

I need to urgently get a hair spa done;
Else my hair will continue the LOCKDOWN, tied in a bun.

My Lockdown Pals

Working from home
Lockdown tales

For the first time, I am hanging around with a broom, mop and utensils;
since the usual visit of twice a month looks far-sighted.

As we hang out more;
I have observed, Broom is a close buddy of dust and always on the roll.

The mop is usually easy to handle;
but still requires cleaning from every angle.

Utensils are always in a party mood;
gathering in the sink the moment you think about food.

Beware of their hookup and don’t fall in the trap;
take a break from them since tomorrow again you have to clean the crap.


Are you also sailing in the same boat or I am just being one of the crazy mom? Please do share your thoughts and experiences if you agree with the lockdown tales. Would love to hear from you.


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