• Life

    How I wish for a Repeat, Delete and Pause mode of life!

    Love life

    Celebration time!

    “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Viraj, happy birthday to you”, with loads of hugs and kisses, Viraj’s parents Rahul and Avni wished their younger son on his 4th birthday, while he was asleep in his cosy bed. “Yayyyyyy, happy birthday Viru, muahahaha”, running came Viraj’s elder brother Samar. He had made a beautiful hand card for his ever dearest younger brother. All three of them were cuddling on to Viraj, while the little birthday boy was enjoying all the attention.

  • Kids

    The little joys of life

    little heroes
    Yes, they surely are the little heroes;
    who in spite of all the strife, still manage to relish little joys of life.
    They know how to keep themselves busy;
    my making crazy sounds, lazy faces and narrating those silly stories.
  • Parenting

    My name is Mom!


    My life was going very much on a straight track;
    until I was caught in a motherhood hack.

    Though not once but twice;
    to give me a better taste of life.