How I wish for a Repeat, Delete and Pause mode of life!

Love life

Celebration time!

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Viraj, happy birthday to you”, with loads of hugs and kisses, Viraj’s parents Rahul and Avni wished their younger son on his 4th birthday, while he was asleep in his cosy bed. “Yayyyyyy, happy birthday Viru, muahahaha”, running came Viraj’s elder brother Samar. He had made a beautiful hand card for his ever dearest younger brother. All three of them were cuddling on to Viraj, while the little birthday boy was enjoying all the attention.

Avni was already expecting an early morning call from her mom.  As expected, her phone rang, “Haan Mom, chaar saal ka ho gaya hai, feels like just yesterday when I went in labour. Few things happen so suddenly and just live in our memories forever. Aapko yaad hai, how you had to travel from Delhi to Hyderabad the very same day. I just wanted you by my side, wo ek moment hota hai na mom”, Avni was chatting to her mom and remembering the time when Viraj was born.

Reliving memories!

A while later, sipping a cup of coffee, both Avni and Rahul were recollecting the days when their elder son was born. They went down the memory lane remembering their courtship, college, school and so on… “Time kitni jaldi chala jaata hai, the only thing left is memories for lifelong”, Rahul said to Avni dreaming about the good old days. “Kabhi kabhi mera mann karta hai, to relive few days of my life, days which cannot be captured in pictures. You just have to live them, to feel them. Few moments which just goes by in a spur of a second, hai na Rahul?” Avni asked Rahul in a nostalgic tone.

Live life
Freeze the moment

Freeze the moment!

Life is full of events, some planned, some unplanned, some surprises and some shocks, some pleasant and some unpleasant. Few we wish to remember for a lifetime and few we wish never occurred. Despite all this, life moves on.

There are a few days or moments in life which we wish to repeat, to live it more, to love it more. Those seize the moment kind of events!! But they go by so easily and are only captured in our memories forever.

Similarly, there are episodes which we wished would not have occurred. Some of those life-changing events which leave an ugly mark forever.

I so wish, just like a movie, life would also have a delete and repeat mode. Days when we feel low, we just press the repeat mode of happy events and enjoy those moments again. A delete mode, to wash out all the bad days or ugly memories.

Self love

Share your thoughts!

There are so many moments which goes by in a spur of a moment but remains with us for a lifetime. There are many such events which are not captured in a picture but remain with us forever. That first school bunk, that moment of boards result, the farewell day, the graduation day when the final result was out. That first interview, first day at the office, first paycheck, first promotion, first meeting with your life partner, that proposal day, that very moment when you came to know you are expecting, whole of those pampered 9 months when you felt special, that moment when you first saw your baby, that first experience of breastfeeding, those first steps, those first words and the list goes on and on. That very point in time when every little cell of your body is sparked.

Every day, every hour we are creating memories but few we make it special and few go by ordinary. Sometimes I wish to rewind to those days and press pause to live that moment again for a while.

Let us create a list of memories that we wish to relive again. Let us make them more special by talking and sharing with our loved ones. In this world of ‘New Normal’, our little bundle of joy are the new Super Heroes. We surely are facing a challenge to keep them busy and engage all the time, so let us come together and create beautiful memories with our superheroes and engage them in fruitful kids activities and games.

Please share your thoughts on the events that you wish to relive again.



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