How I wish for a day, To Do Nothing!

New Normal

While we all are floating in the same boat of ‘New Normal’ and busy tacking between work from home and work for home; work for kids or work around kids; cleaning the house or cleaning the utensils; meditating or watching tv; me time or sleep time…Aahhhh…..and the list goes on.

We have hundreds of things in mind when we get up from the bed or when we call it a day. Do this or do that, do right now or later, is this important or if this can wait. We surely are one skilled multitasker. Don’t you think?

However, amid this perpetual juggle, there are days when I want to do nothing, I mean just nothing.  Yes, you read that right! Do you also feel the same at times?

I mean to get up with a feeling that today I have to do nothing. Wowww, won’t that be just incredible?

People say that when we rise from the bed we should have something to look forward, wherein we can put in our energy and work around it. That makes your dopamine to rise and we have a feel-good factor. Recently I read this book IKIGAI. This was around getting up with an aim in your mind and following your passion. It was a beautiful read and I would strongly recommend the book.

But on the contrary, keeping pandemic in mind, when I rise from the bed, I do not have something but every damn work to look forward to. The first three hours of my morning is the toughest battle of the day with never-ending hullabaloo in the house. Kids, kitchen, cleaning, workout, online classes and the biggest of all, what to cook today? I think getting everything in order has become my passion lately. If I complete all these tasks within the desired timelines, I feel accomplished and my dopamine rises. So I have that so-called ‘ feel good’ factor.

Lockdown Tales

Lockdown tales

This pandemic and the mundane routine wherein there is no change except swapping the lunch menu with breakfast or dinner menu with lunch. Switching from exhausted pyjamas to jeans or tied bun to a ponytail. I mean we just keep juggling between the four walls of household chores.

So yes, I was referring to days when I just want to do nothing. I so wish to get up with a feel to just not to do anything for a few days. Few days is a big ask though. I mean literally nothing.  My kids will be taken care of, food will be cooked and served. Without asking the menu ( I hate to plan for the menu every second hour. I mean how much do we eat, it’s insane!) house will be in order, cleaning will be done. I want to be on technological fasting, no worries, no work, no planning, no juggling. Just be with the flow!

I am sure if my husband reads this he will feel as if he is torturing me to do all the chores. Though this pandemic has surely forced my husband to pitch in the household chores and we are in a great partnership, however, he is the sleeping partner. (Hope you got me right?) But the fact is that staying in the house, surrounded by your husband and kids all the time, you cannot switch off your mind even if you are given that choice. You end up doing something if nothing. And your kids, how can you forget them. Even if dad is right there in front of them, they don’t mind searching the whole house to look for mom for just showing or asking the minuscule of things. They are always tailing you!

And nevertheless, if you want to procrastinate things, you will end up biting off more than you can chew. Is it not true? There are days when I sleep peacefully by doing a few things ahead of time or maybe beforehand so that I have next day at ease. But does this happen? Something or the other pops up unexpectedly jeopardising your whole day.

There is a very famous quote, ‘The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable’. But in my view, this is not only to do with children but every chore for that matter. No one notices when you do it, but everyone notices when you don’t.

Self Love and Love yourself

Love yourself

So coming to an end, when you have this utterly feeling of just doing nothing, then please respect your feeling, because that is the way for your mind and body asking for a BREAK.

Until this pandemic ends, and our life is back to ‘old normal’ be little compassionate to yourself, give a pat to yourself for all the hard work done so far, if not an entire day off, at least we can afford to give few hours to ourselves now and then to rejuvenate and recharge to take up the new challenges or I should say chores. Also refer, tips to self-love.

So take a chill pill, curl up with your favourite blanket and treat coffee as your best friend or whatever makes you feel at ease and relaxing. But do remember the ‘ Technological Fasting’.


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