The screams of never ending Groceries

Hand to Hand and Bag to Bag, List of Groceries shall never end!

This statement holds so well for ‘Always falling short, Dear GROCERIES’.

Do you ever ponder on the daily grind with GROCERIES? Enough has been talked about and read about motherhood and children, various challenges and struggles. I mean, being a mother you have a good day and a bad day. Some happy moments and some sad moments. But with groceries, it is a day to day, every day, a constant struggle.

I do wish there were bots in the kitchen who would make a note of groceries falling short in the kitchen, place the required order, receive the order and stack them at the correct place. Wow…doesn’t that sound just great! I mean we already are into the digitised world, so this sounds no big deal, isn’t it?

Coming back to current times, living in this present world, grocery is part of my daily routine and I want to scream my lungs out, it SUCKS! How much ever I plan and buy, there will surely be ONE such thing which will be over in the kitchen, and right at the moment when you need it the most. Murphy’s Law always holds good!

Have you ever spent a single day NOT noting down those multiple items which our precious kitchen is falling short of? Isn’t it just crazy how we always fizzle out of that one thing, every single day? If we say we have a to-do list for the office, we do have a big ‘To-Buy’ list for our kitchen as well. And surprisingly, more than deletions, there are always additions because it keeps getting updated every single day. Moreover, I would say, the office to-do list still has a breather over the weekends but, the To-buy list is always on the roll, especially during weekends.

It is actually an achievement for me if I do not have a single sticky note stuck on the refrigerator for things I need to buy. I mean how much is too much? How much do we consume and eat every single day? With delivery at our doorsteps, supermarkets inside the community, grocery just a call away, we still make every effort, every single day to collate and stack the grocery in our exhausting kitchen.

First off to keep updating the never-ending list, followed by buying or ordering the treasured products and last but not the least, a job that I personally hate the most is to stack them in every nook and corner of the kitchen. Hold on, this is not the end! You know that gruesome feeling when you realise that there are still two more products that you just forgot to order ….OMG, it is not an easy thing, at least for me.

There are even times when you get home from the store and you realise that you forgot to buy that very one thing for which you went to the store in the very first place.

The grocery store looks to be my favourite hangout place. By now even my kids know that if mom is not found around the garden or park, she must have gone to the departmental store to fetch something. Seriously! To add on, even my kids have started to sneak in their requirements to the golden piece of paper stuck on the refrigerator, I mean our very own ‘ To Buy’ list.

Even though I try and plan in such a manner that I end up buying two, especially the products which are in frequent use, but those two also end up someday and then I am left with none. Hey, that feeling when something is over while cooking and you remember that you had bought one extra to cover up is just so amazing. Ahh…don’t have to rush again, it’s right there. And that feeling when you had bought an extra and that extra also got over…Horrific!

I am sure most of you would agree with this endless process of groceries. Just think, you are not alone in this, there are billions around. Nevertheless, it’s a lifelong purchase that you cannot skip and it is obligatory to survive and live. Yes, it is true to say, the screams of groceries are never-ending and here to stay.


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