A story of everlasting friends!

Did you read Best Friends? NOooo…this is a story of 4 girls who are everlasting friends.

A journey of 4 girls who have cherished memories of growing up in an easy-going life in the 80s and 90s. An era when life was uncomplicated and gadget-free. An era of numerous stories which remains intact in our hearts forever and not just Instagram stories. An era where we did not click pictures of every action or every moment. In fact, it was a period wherein we do not have any pictures together. That’s how decluttered our life was. Clean and transparent!

Today I feel like reminiscing about those memories which might sound to you like a blooming love story. Yeah, a story of 4 young girls who first met when they were barely out of college. We all 4 are Chartered Accountants now and we 4 met during our training period for the course which was back in 2002. We worked together nearly for 3 years and then gradually got caught up in our lives of settling down, kids, family, moving countries, moving cities etc.  Frankly, after completing the training, I can simply count on my fingers for our meetings together. Barely few but everlasting!

There has been quite a long period when we all 4 have gone without speaking to each other but when we pick up, we speak like we just spoke yesterday regardless of how long it has been, and how far away we have been. Everlasting friends are friends who know life is busy, but LOVE is there. That’s how our friendship is, busy but full of love.

There is a saying that “we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross paths for a reason”. And we are here to celebrate that reason with an all-girls trip. A trip to celebrate two decades of friendship and double the age.

So let me take you along on our fun trip to GOA! It was a short weekend trip but, a trip full of therapies. Travel therapy, all of us travelling to one destination from different states and a different country too. Then came the freedom therapy. We met together not as moms, not as daughters, not as wives, not as colleagues but, just simple everlasting friends. To double the fun came the food therapy. We ate as if there was no tomorrow. Since the majority were teetotalers so the focus was more and more on just eating and eating (you know to talk more we need to eat more and when we ate more, we talked more, so it was a vicious circle). And then last but not least was the Gossiping therapy. Needless to say, we had so much to talk about, so much of experiences, and incidences that we never stopped. Even at 4 am in the morning when our eyes were drooping with sleep, our mouths kept on and on blabbering. It is rightfully said that talking to your friends is sometimes the only therapy we need. And this time it was in abundance!

Our idea of meeting was not to go around the place and visit pubs and clubs, what Goa is veritably famous for. But instead, just to be together and know more about each other, to relive the days we had spent together two decades back, people whom we met two decades back, how we have evolved in these two decades. This all might sound like stupid conversations, but it made all the sense to us because it was with our everlasting friends.

We spent days giggling and nights laughing our hearts out. Those tan lines were a symbol of good times and memories for life.

As I write, I wish to thank that one person who got us all together. I am sure reading this will bring a wide smile to his face. Dedicated to You Sir! Thank you for bringing us all together and making us friends for life.

Next, we foresee, 3 decades of friendship and the golden jubilee of our age.


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