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    The fear when happiness strikes.

    Have you ever come across fear or anxiety when everything around you is going exceedingly well?  Do you suffer from butterflies in your stomach? That feeling when you are on cloud nine but still wish to keep it a secret?

    Ok so let me put it like this. If everything that you had planned is going just as per the plan or more so above expectations and you are unable to demonstrate that happiness. Maybe because of the feeling that something might just go wrong? The feeling that this might be a temporary phase, or how can I be so fortunate to have everything falling into place and something bad is around the corner? Do you keep things secret because the thought or the feeling that visible success can lead to envy or suspicion, leading to misfortune and unhappiness? Is it because of the belief in things getting “JINXED”? Perhaps you would have heard the popular saying, ‘calm before the storm,’ or ‘after happiness, there comes a fall?’

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    FORTYlicious, here it comes!

    The new F word in my dictionary- FORTY! The so-talked-about milestone of 40. Somehow, I keep hearing from every corner about this breakthrough age. The ’40s is the new 20’s, really is it? Though I recently read somewhere that 40’s the old age of the youth and 50’s the youth of the old age. This makes more sense, isn’t it?  Three years back when I had started blogging, I always knew I would surely write a blog on turning 40. I was seriously waiting for this day to come. Why so?? I may not have a definite answer but for sure with complete conviction I can say that this is such age when we finally get our head together, though the body starts to fall apart. This is altogether a different story, will come back on that one too, soon!

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    There is something about the Air of the Airport!

    The airport is definitely one of my Happy Places! What do you say? Airport energy is one such form of energy that makes a sudden shift in your body from lazy and lumpy to energetic and vibrant. Hey, that’s as per my dictionary, so don’t take that literally!

    Don’t you think there is surely something about the whole feel of the airport? The whole air. The whole ambiance. The whole look. The whole atmosphere. So to say in Bollywood style, the whole VAAATAAAVARAN!

    That is one such place wherein one can get up at 3 midnight with oodles of energy. I have never been a business traveler and travel for me has always been personal. So that means more so for a vacation. And who doesn’t love vacations?  But have you ever observed business travelers at the airport? They are no less. With formals on and AirPods on, with coffee in one hand and satchel in the other. The way they walk it looks like they are ready to walk for miles without a halt. And they would have the same energy and vibe all through the day or through the midnight travel. The airport is one such place wherein you see daylight all through the day and night. Everybody around looks so vivacious. The dopamine or ‘the feel-good’ hormone is top-notch!

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    The most awaited vacation- Luxury of Maika!

    When vacation comes after a year and a half long, it surely has to be a special one. And what is more special than the Luxury of Maika!
    There is altogether a different feel about the stay at mom’s place and nevertheless, it gets even more special when it comes along with their grandkids.

    Since my parents and I are cities apart, the love and desperation for stay at mom’s place have increased multifold over the period. And this time it had to be an even more special one since it came after a long long time because of unprecedented times we have been living in.

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    When the lady of the house tested positive!

    In addition to the seven pheras and seven vows of Hindu marriage, 13 years ago, the eighth vow was made today.” I always knew that you did a lot for me and my family but now I have realised that you are the spine of this house who is holding upon all of us firm and strong. I promise to help you with every household chores in whatever way I can to make this spine hold more strong”. And my husband was completely drenched in emotions when I came out from my isolation after 15 long days.

    I had never wished to write this blog but this is a story that I really want to share with each and every mother out there. It was a nightmare which actually came knocking on my door without notice and me, the lady of the house was then tested covid positive. I am not certain how I contracted the virus, but unfortunately, I fell into the trap. Bangggg, it comes…How? When? Where? The big question, the big mystery always remains.

    Long story short, I am a homemaker with two young kids and a working husband. Since the lockdown, we have been managing all the chores on our own, no external help, no maids, nothing at all.. absolute Atam Nirbhar, so to say!