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Lockdown birthday ideas for kids

lockdown birthday party
lockdown birthday party ideas

Lockdown birthday celebration

The pandemic has forced us all to stay indoors for our safety and security. This has restraint for our birthday and anniversaries celebration. However, kids always look forward to their birthday celebration and it is just amazing to see how excited these innocent souls are for their birthdays.

This year calls for a celebration without friends and family. Does it sound dull? Yes, of course, especially for our little heroes. But lockdown doesn’t mean that we cannot make their day special.

Here are 5 unique ideas to make their day special and bring a smile on their face.

Bake a cake together

lockdown birthday idea for kids
lockdown birthday idea for kids

Most happening activity in every household during this lockdown has been cooking and baking. Hence, baking a cake together would surely turn out to be a fun bonding activity between parents and child wherein they can try different flavours and design. Who says you need to bake like a pro, a good way to make your children learn some life skills as well. So here we say, Practice make the man perfect!

You can also explore some baking essentials from Happy Baking!

A birthday greeting card

lockdown kids birthday party ideas
lockdown kids birthday party ideas

We are in the era of sending wishes through social media, video messages, voice messages and so on. Gone are the days of greeting cards and letters. Trust me, written words are remembered for life and can be preserved as lifetime memories. And especially if it happens to be a hand made card. So wear your creative hats and make their day special.

Click here to view simple DIY birthday cards. Let’s get creative!

Decorate the house

Birthdays during lockdown
Birthdays during lockdown

How about giving a surprise to your child at midnight? With all the balloons and hangings around the room! It will surely be a delight for your child to see all the colourful decorations around. Complementing with a picture from each of their birthdays will truly make it special and memorable.

You can also explore for some quick and easy birthday decorations.

Facetime with friends and family

Lockdown birthday celebration
Lockdown birthday party

Video calls are the talk of the town. If time permits, you can arrange for some virtual fun games with family and friends. Else, just a video call with all the near and dear ones when the wishes will be pouring in from every corner would definitely make then feel special. You can also ask for some fun videos and wishes from each of their friends, compile all of them together and let them have the fun watching all their friends in one frame. This will surely bring a smile on their face.

Make it a special day

Lockdown birthday party games
Lockdown birthday party games

Make them feel special by making them wear their favourite clothes. Cooking their favourite food and desserts. Watching their favourite TV shows and movies together. Playing their board games together. Doing all their favourite things together and make it a special ME day for them.


With so much creativity around, I am sure this lockdown birthday will turn out to be a special one. Also, to work around together with your child would help to brighten the parenting bond even more.

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