Do you still have Monday morning blues?

Monday Blues

Sounds weird, isn’t it? With new normal and almost everyone working from home, from where do Monday morning blues comes into the picture. Well for me, it does, I have started to have Monday morning blues and that too terrible ones.

Since pandemic has forced all of us to group together at home and work from home, the weekend still holds a very special place in my heart. Weekdays are like all hell broke loose. With a husband and two kids locked in separate rooms, clinging to their gadgets, I literally go crazy hopping around from one room to another. Mumma….mom….Anu… all I could hear in the morning other than the continuous lectures which go in the background to chew my mind.

And then those VVVVVIP calls wherein there should be a pin drop silence in the house. It comes no less than rubbing salt into the wounds. With two young kids in the house, is that even possible? And the best is my dear pressure cooker. I mean the timings are just so so accurate to whistle around as if it is actually trying to tease my husband and build up the pressure who just mentioned about his VVVVVIP call. I mean I am just bowled over by the timings and it’s not ready to even stop off.

Kindergarten mode on

Coming back to kids now. Beginning this year I was so desperately waiting for new school sessions to start because I had my younger one also admitted to BIG school. I so dreamt of all the free time in hand and going back to where I had left with both my kids off to school. But destiny had something else planned for all of us. Forget about free time, I do not have a breathing spell. Yes, we want to capture the first steps of our kids and all the first moments. See them growing. Spend time with them. But as they say, excess of everything is bad!

Now that’s the case with me. I had never ever thought that I will even have to teach my kid how to hold a pencil. I had thought this was swiftly delegated to the school teachers and they did quite a good job all this while. But thanks to virtual schooling, I am screwed.

Staycation mode on

Before pandemic, I used to wait for Monday’s to come when all the members used to be back to their jobs and I being on my own enjoyed my spare moments. At times I used to dread the weekends because there was no routine, no timings, no schedule. With kids at home, it used to be a roller coaster. Don’t I sound like a Hitler mom? But that’s how it is.

With pandemic, tides have changed. Weekends are more like a staycation. No class, no office, no routine and NO CALLS. The pressure cooker could whistle to the highest decibel without any pressure. Utensils could clatter around. Kids could scream on top of their voice. Alexa finally gets to play some songs. And the most important of all, NO kindergarten classes for me to attend. NO clay modelling, NO artwork.
Aaahhhh…..a big respite.

Change the Flow

We all four get together in a living room laying around like a couch potato, eating all the junk and following no routine. With cricket tournaments on the high, it’s a treat for the entire family to watch. Though I am a forced fan but trust me, it’s a bliss to hear the commentators rather than the verbose office meetings or chattering school teachers.

Children get to stay up a little later, play games, eat pizza for their dinner…..the idea is to relax the rules enough so a difference is felt between a weekday and a weekend.

I am sure a lot of mothers would agree with me. So my dear friends treat weekends as a holiday and change the vibe. Make the most of it. Get charged up and pull up your socks for the coming Monday morning!

Until then keep calm and pretend it is not a Monday!


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