The fear when happiness strikes.

Have you ever come across fear or anxiety when everything around you is going exceedingly well?  Do you suffer from butterflies in your stomach? That feeling when you are on cloud nine but still wish to keep it a secret?

Ok so let me put it like this. If everything that you had planned is going just as per the plan or more so above expectations and you are unable to demonstrate that happiness. Maybe because of the feeling that something might just go wrong? The feeling that this might be a temporary phase, or how can I be so fortunate to have everything falling into place and something bad is around the corner? Do you keep things secret because the thought or the feeling that visible success can lead to envy or suspicion, leading to misfortune and unhappiness? Is it because of the belief in things getting “JINXED”? Perhaps you would have heard the popular saying, ‘calm before the storm,’ or ‘after happiness, there comes a fall?’

I know this topic calls for a greater discussion and some might just give a conclusive statement that it is a sign of depression or anxiety disorder. But don’t you think that living in Indian society and being born and brought up in Indian culture has created that so-called PHOBIA of keeping things secret and not living it up with an open heart? I am not too sure of how it goes around in the western culture but here in India, it does. It’s almost like I am going on a vacation to GOA and keeping it a secret until I board my flight. Though in the real world, GOA is actually jinxed.

Mind you, I am not talking about the world of social media here. As per social media, every human being on this earth is on a most awaited vacation, having the best meal of their life, portraying the most beautiful relationship on the earth, and so on. There is a vast difference between real-life and reel life. In my view, I don’t have to post it, to prove it.

The happiness or a feeling which we are sceptical to share with others or maybe wish to keep it low-key might be subjective wellbeing. Say, for instance, I am offered a new job which is just what I had wished for all this while and I am literally jumping in excitement however, I do not wish to disclose it to others unless I am on it completely due to the fear of losing the offer or fear of an evil eye. Don’t you think this is all materialistic happiness?

I mean does this feeling of happiness brings in the inner peace in me? That feeling of gratitude, contentment, or that deeper fulfilment? The answer is NO. And this is the reason why we fear to share the news of happiness. Because that happiness is subjective, materialistic, and secular.

Happiness is different to gratitude. Because the feeling of thankfulness never brings in anxiety but materialistically created happiness for sure brings in the phobia, the anxiety, the fear!

Especially if we talk about the unprecedented times that we are living in today, we should be more grateful for each day and thankful for making up to this day. Instead of celebrating mere happiness, we should be celebrating our blessings!

Sitting on the fence of gratitude and happiness, I am not sure how to conclude whether I should be happy or I should be grateful. But for sure, even in the chaos of everyday life, moments of gratitude do remind us to hold on to the beautiful things (quoted text).

So Stay happy, be grateful!


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