The most awaited vacation- Luxury of Maika!

When vacation comes after a year and a half long, it surely has to be a special one. And what is more special than the Luxury of Maika!
There is altogether a different feel about the stay at mom’s place and nevertheless, it gets even more special when it comes along with their grandkids.

Since my parents and I are cities apart, the love and desperation for stay at mom’s place have increased multifold over the period. And this time it had to be an even more special one since it came after a long long time because of unprecedented times we have been living in.


My husband often asks me what makes me so happy about going to mom’s place? He often says, “You don’t look this happy when I take you for a vacation but here you are absolutely on cloud nine even though you repeat it every year.” Even after my infinite attempts to explain the difference, I always fail to explain or in fact, he fails to understand.

There is surely something very different about these holidays, the whole feel, the whole aura, the whole vibe is so Me, Myself.  Carefree, pampered, and favorite of all. It’s like the whole world revolves around you. No responsibility, no clock ticking, no chores, no obligations, just EAT, DRINK, TALK, SLEEP, and REPEAT! Isn’t it?

As soon as I step into my parents’ house, my whole body shifts to a different zone. That is one such place wherein I eat like a dog, sleep like a log and keep talking like there is no tomorrow. This time it became even more special with everyone working from home. We truly had a plethora of talks.  That morning tea with Dad, breakfast with Mom, lunch with Brother and Sister in Law and dinner with everyone around. It was surely a vacay house! Nonetheless to add on, what better than ‘Maa ke haath ka khaana ‘. Even Lauki (Bottle gourd) and Karela (Bitter gourd) taste better than Dal makhani and Kadhai paneer. Seriously, I hope my kids say that too sometimes!

The typical nostalgia around, those bhooli bisri yaadein, that talking of our bachpan, that showering of Nanu Naani‘a unconditional love on their grandchildren, is surely worth living. One feels so revived, so relaxed, and at peace at heart. You feel like all your worries will be taken care of but, this is the time wherein you have to capture and memorize every moment. Every moment of unconditional love and purity!

Though now I am in a nuclear setup where I can organize things per my flexibility and requirements. I do not have to work around others as we do in a joint setup or I should say ‘Sasural’ but still, my responsibilities have increased multifold since then. I am now responsible for every teeny-weensy to run the house, from kids to husband to grocery and the list goes on. Hence, maika appears all the more luxurious now where I do not have to take care of daily chores and instead get coddle with affection. I do not have to run around the clock but instead, mom becomes that flexible clock. Isn’t it true to say, “Your moms’ house is where you get breakfast in bed. Both before and after marriage“. I might sound mean here, but is it not true?

Somehow the love and attachment with parents have increased over a while. I mean we have always been busy with our studies, college, job and so on. Once everything got settled, we got hooked up and got into the nitty-gritty of our own family life. When did we spend quality time with our parents? Now when we have time, we see them growing old. And this is when I feel to capture every moment spent with them as a lifetime memory for myself. Make the most of it and capture the maximum. This is what makes my vacation even more special.

God bless all the lovely mothers around with happy and a healthy life!


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