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Waking up early makes a difference!

Hot Mess

Morning alarm

We are in a nuclear setup and a family of four, me, my husband and two notorious kids. The other day I was put to question by my husband as to why I still get up an hour before anyone else in the house? He further suggested that since we all are working from home and there is no rush for school or office or grocery or any other thing for that matter, then why do I still have to haste for things? Another word of advice was since I have my whole day at my disposal, I can take up things little slow and easy and instead take an extra hour of sleep?

That made me ponder and I decided to alter my morning alarm to get the taste of the new morning routine, as guided by my affectionate husband.

So here I was, the very next morning, we all three i.e. I, my husband and my elder son happened to get up from the bed at the same time i.e. 8’0’clock. The fourth and the youngest member of the family was still asleep, we shall come back to him later. Now what was the scenario, I rushed to the door to collect the milk packets since I had to boil it first thing to serve it to my kids before they sit for their virtual school. Then I rushed to the younger one to wake him up and I realised that it was already 20 minutes past 8. Whilst my husband was busy checking his emails, I attended to my elder son to check on his brush, bath, clothes etc. He usually likes to follow the same school routine before sitting in front of the screen (guess he has acquired my genes of being extra organised).

Suddenly, from the other corner, I heard my husband, who very courteously apprised me of his urgent call at 9 am. Ahh…. I so much thought that was coming! Henceforth, it’s my turn to wake up the younger one, make him brush, give him milk and make the sleepyhead sit in front of the screen at 9. And nevertheless to sit along with him for half an hour (Do you know half an hour in the morning in no less than a piece of gold!).

So here I was, 9’o’ clock and all 3 kids were ready (youngest being the husband, for sure) waiting for tea and milk. On the other hand, the kitchen was booming at me with wide arms to kick off. Breakfast was not thought for, lunch looks to have no chance today, the dishwasher was waiting to be loaded, cleaning and mopping look to be missed for a day. And I, I was ready to drop. Phewwww…..

In all, I was totally screwed up in my head and body. That one hour of peaceful beauty sleep didn’t make me look hot, but for sure my house turned into a HOT MESS.

Immediately I altered my alarm and made an oath, come what may I shall never tweak it again!

Busy mom, Happy mornings

Busy mornings

Maybe like I have, you have also felt the out of control, chaotic, and frustrating moments that come when you aren’t getting up early enough to be awake and out of bed before you kids. Those precious moments in the morning are just priceless.

That one hour of getting up early puts your whole day in place. Especially in a pandemic when you do not have a house help and you are just on your own managing everything around and making the ends meet.

  • That one hour gives me some time to plan for the day.
  • Watering the plants and breathing in some fresh air.
  • If time permits maybe going for a stroll.
  • Then kitchen calls to prepare for breakfast, boiling milk, checking on drinking water, veggie chopping and other basic things.
  • Planning all three meals for the day beforehand, else I totally freak out (because if you happen to take a bit of advice from your family members, they will end up with their favourite dish “KUCH BHI”).
  • Loading dishwasher if I was not prompt enough to do it last night.
  • Laundry, if you are at a breakneck pace.

Calm before the storm

Begin with a happy note

Since we all are facing the same storm, we need some peace before we face it. I prefer a slow wake-up with dim lights, no sound, and certainly not much talking.  I can do heaps in just those 60 minutes. It also puts me in a better mood overall, since I’m able to have a few moments to myself before the day starts and my day is more planned before it starts yanking me around.

I am not a perfect mother or a wife who works like a robot, day in and day out. There are days when even I too wish to sleep for some more time or days when I just want to do nothing. Then what do I do?

I leave the chores behind except cooking (because we do not have a choice in this pandemic), snuggle into a blanket and enjoy with my best friend, Coffee!

It is all about finding the calm in the chaos and I can say this with conviction, that one hour surely makes me calm. So start tomorrow. Set your alarm and just get up. Drink a cup of coffee and begin your day on a happy note!


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