My name is Mom!


My life was going very much on a straight track;
until I was caught in a motherhood hack.

Though not once but twice;
to give me a better taste of life.

That good news of becoming a mother took me to cloud nine;
but who knew it will be a roller coaster ride.

Sleepless nights to postpartum depression;
I always carried the distressed expression.

Colour, texture or condition;
I can give a complete analysis of poop, pee or any other composition.

My vocal cords have become so active;
listening to my banter even neighbours have become proactive.

You helped me to include healthy food in my diet;
because I ended up eating your leftovers, right?

Maggie is not my resort when your tummy calls for something yummy;
I challenge to make a less than two minutes healthy meal because I am your mummy.
My trips to shopping malls are no more carefree;
because my visits are only confined to mom and me.

I am impressed by how my sixth sense has so much improved;
I come to know even before you want to puke.

A continuous bang on the washroom door;
always helped me realise that I have just two minutes to restore.

There are times when I have to make a choice;
between eating, sleeping or a cup of tea to get back some joy.

Motherhood is crazy and not an easy job;
but it’s an incredibly beautiful bond to which I always want to hold upon.

I may not be perfect but, I am enough for sure;
to take you along the adventures of life’s grand tour.

With ups and downs, with joys and sorrows,
I assure you to give you a happy and healthy life every day, today and tomorrow.

Thank you for giving me this day to celebrate;
as they say, Mother’s Day!




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