10 tips for Self Love that makes you Happy!

A Homemaker-Mother

Stay at home Mom
Stay at home mom
This is a story of my mother, a common mother with whom most of the millennials can relate to. A standard middle-class family with two kids, a businessman father and a homemaker, my mother. Life of my mother started with her parents, grown up in a business class family, got married at an early age, ordinary arrange marriage wherein the boy and a girl had never met before. Fortunately, stars used to be in favour of the couples then and most of the marriages used to turn out successful. So was the case with my parents.

And then came an early responsibility of a child, that’s me, wherein mom was all involved in upbringing her child, taking care of all small requirements of her husband, catering to the needs of joint family and the responsibilities goes on and so forth. After few years came in another child, my brother. So, we were a happy family of four, a mother, a father, a son and a daughter. Good schooling, education, all basic amenities, comfort living was the only goal of my parents. With the grace of God and hard work of our parents, both I and my brother came out to be professionally qualified and settled well in life. Eventually we, the kids also got married and changed cities because of various reasons. I believe most of us can acknowledge the whole version that has been penned down. An uncomplicated caring mother who has no other passion in life except a comfortable living for her children and husband.
Now, I and my brother are quite happy and content with our respective spouses. Parents are staying together in the native city and with the father still running and keeping busy with his small-scale business. Mother….mother is still taking care of the needs of her family and always look forward for her children or her grandchildren to spent time together.

Accept your Flaws

Self love
I am also a mother of two who has willingly given up her career for her kids, maybe that was the need of an hour. But, when I try to step into my mom’s shoe and see the world around her, I see only kids and husband. What has she derived over the last 4 long decades of her life? She responsibly raised her kids and one fine day they left her nest and flew away. What about her own self, her likes, her dislikes, her choice, her independence? She has literally given up her life, her own self to raise her kids and support her husband. That’s not how I want my life to be after a decade or so. I want to live for myself, love myself and not just be a Mom. There is a very famous punch line these days, fasten your seat belts first before saving others. But do we actually do that? I have seen how mom’s whole house, the whole clock, the whole system revolves around her. From pin to plane everything she takes care off. But I have never seen her taking some time off for her own self.

Self love-Love yourself!

Self Love
I would like to raise a voice to all the mothers out there, do not give up everything for your family. Self-love should be first on your mind, only then we will be able to shower love and care to our family. Care for yourself, take care of your health, take time out to socialise, make new friends. Follow your passion- nothing is late, follow your dreams because the things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling (famous quote).
Make a bucket list of what all you wish to do, even if it means going for a haircut or a simple tattoo, buying an expensive dress for yourself or whatever makes you happy. If we are a mother, doesn’t mean that upbringing kids and family is the only motive in life, we should live for ourselves, love ourselves. Do something that makes you happy, makes your content. Click here, to read more on inspirational and motivational quotes.
Currently, we are experiencing a pandemic which is surely a difficult time for all us. What is most important and need of an hour is our own “MENTAL HEALTH’. Believe it or not but, self-contentment and happiness clearly show in how we reach out to our family and kids. As they say, beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Few steps to be Happy and Self-love!

Be happy
Tips to be happy
  • Self-love to take care of our own selves and make a happy space of our own.
  • Write about a day well spent, that makes a difference!
  • For a while, stop worrying about kids and be a proud parent, you are fantastic.
  • Take some time for exercise.
  • Have a few cheat days of junk food.
  • Fix up your salon trips religiously.
  • Be off gadgets before going to bed
  • Spend 15 minutes of quality time with your kids every day.
  • Sit in peace for at least 5 minutes in a day and enjoy your cup of coffee.
  • Learn something you wish you would have learned as a child, there is never a correct time to do anything.

I hope I am able to bring a smile on your face after reading the blog. Please do make your own bucket list of what makes you happy. Please do pick up a few points from here. I am sure it will definitely make a difference in your day and you do find your Happy Space!

Please do leave your comments, would love to hear from you!


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