There is so much to celebrate!

Festivity in the air

It’s that time of the year when we can smell the festivity around. With so many festivals being celebrated across India and Diwali just knocking our doors, the whole breeze around is so mystical.

The time when we want to step into the traditional world of ‘Bharat’. From celebrating Ganesha to Durga Puja to Navratri to Dandiya, we have them all! During this time we wish to step into every tradition and make a connection with the community, with their rituals, with their festivity and with their culture. We just forget the caste, creed or religion and celebrate the happiness, the togetherness.

With so many rituals, puja, lights and decoration, the whole aura around is so divine. And to further enhance the flavour we have colourful traditional attires, sweets, flowers and gifts. Surely, festivals give us a reason to be happy and enjoy life.

Pandemic and festivals

However, 2020 is not just an ordinary year. It’s an extraordinary year with always a feeling of fear. True we can’t meet our near and dear ones, even to lend a shoulder of strength in difficult times. The craving to meet people and celebrate together is increasing with every passing day. The urge to call people home is making us more restless. These few months of festivals make us plan our trips, visits, shopping, decoration and celebrating togetherness. Festivals brings in motivation, brings in positivity and brings in loads of celebration with family and friends.

So are we saying we should not celebrate this year? I mean can you imagine a life without festivals? Mostly Not!

Celebrate life

Let us celebrate that we are safe and secure with our immediate family in our house.

Let us celebrate the life we have been blessed with.

Let us celebrate the big lesson that pandemic taught us, health is the real wealth.

Let us celebrate the meals we can afford to have together with our family, every single day.

Let us celebrate the quality time we all have been able to spend with our families and kids.

Let us celebrate the step back we have taken to think where this rat race was heading to.

Let us celebrate the new talent and hobbies that we have explored during this pandemic.

And most important, let us celebrate our ‘Atam Nirbharta’?

Nevertheless, when we have so much to celebrate then why should we not? Why we should let this year go by without celebrating the festivals, even if it means to celebrate aloof.

So dress up in best of your clothes, decorate your space to the best, cook the best of feast and enjoy the festivity around because the festival is not just a celebration, it’s a feeling. Feeling of happiness, feeling of togetherness, feeling of harmony!

Pandemic has taught us how to put one foot in front of the other. Let’s celebrate life this year and not just Festival.


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