There is something about the Air of the Airport!

The airport is definitely one of my Happy Places! What do you say? Airport energy is one such form of energy that makes a sudden shift in your body from lazy and lumpy to energetic and vibrant. Hey, that’s as per my dictionary, so don’t take that literally!

Don’t you think there is surely something about the whole feel of the airport? The whole air. The whole ambiance. The whole look. The whole atmosphere. So to say in Bollywood style, the whole VAAATAAAVARAN!

That is one such place wherein one can get up at 3 midnight with oodles of energy. I have never been a business traveler and travel for me has always been personal. So that means more so for a vacation. And who doesn’t love vacations?  But have you ever observed business travelers at the airport? They are no less. With formals on and AirPods on, with coffee in one hand and satchel in the other. The way they walk it looks like they are ready to walk for miles without a halt. And they would have the same energy and vibe all through the day or through the midnight travel. The airport is one such place wherein you see daylight all through the day and night. Everybody around looks so vivacious. The dopamine or ‘the feel-good’ hormone is top-notch!

I just love the sounds and the vibrations at the airport. The sound of the baggage wheel clacking together, those wobbling trolleys, the boarding pass being torn, the leisure walk for window shopping, that thumping on the aerobridge, those ever-smiling greetings by the air staff.  That always reminds me of reaching somewhere new and exciting so very soon!

Alright, so here is the thing, do you eat after checking the time clock or do you eat when your stomach calls for it? Usually, during the daily grind, we see the clock and eat food.  So it’s more like let’s get done with it, it’s already time.  Of course, the pace changes over the weekends, and hunger usually strike once we are done with the meal. You know that feeling of having something crunchy and snacky immediately after we have our meal. So what happens at the airport? Even though I will step into the airport chewing the last bite of my meal, but I usually enter the airport with emotion and my emotion is HUNGER. The airport is one such place where you crave to have pizza at 6 in the morning, drink at 8 in the morning, tea at 2 in the night, and everything is socially acceptable. With all the jazzy tuck shops around, it gets tough to abate my emotion. And by emotion I mean HUNGER. I pity those kids who are refused to have a hot chocolate fudge with lip-smacking chocolate dripping from the cup. My heart goes out for them!

I might be sounding childlike but the airport is one such place wherein you get that feel of Get-up-and -Go. It pumps you up. I can sit for hours at the airport and just observe people. This is one such place that always fascinates me. There are tons of travelers at the airport, some travel for good and few for bad. Looking at the never-ending hustle-bustle at the airport, I really wonder where are all these people flying to?

The atmosphere at airports has always thrilled me – all those people coming and going for various reasons, it’s so electrifying. I can’t think of any other place where so many different emotions come together every minute of the day as at the airport. Then getting on the plane and looking out from the window and seeing that beautiful scenery with happiness and excitement. It is just so mesmerizing!

It is true to say “Most of the problems could be solved with a trip to…..anywhere” and if ‘anywhere’ starts from the airport, it surely will!




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