When the lady of the house tested positive!

In addition to the seven pheras and seven vows of Hindu marriage, 13 years ago, the eighth vow was made today.” I always knew that you did a lot for me and my family but now I have realised that you are the spine of this house who is holding upon all of us firm and strong. I promise to help you with every household chores in whatever way I can to make this spine hold more strong”. And my husband was completely drenched in emotions when I came out from my isolation after 15 long days.

I had never wished to write this blog but this is a story that I really want to share with each and every mother out there. It was a nightmare which actually came knocking on my door without notice and me, the lady of the house was then tested covid positive. I am not certain how I contracted the virus, but unfortunately, I fell into the trap. Bangggg, it comes…How? When? Where? The big question, the big mystery always remains.

Long story short, I am a homemaker with two young kids and a working husband. Since the lockdown, we have been managing all the chores on our own, no external help, no maids, nothing at all.. absolute Atam Nirbhar, so to say!

Mother’s instinct

Mother’s instinct, never take it lightly. That gut is always right. They can tell you long before your brain can figure it out. This is what exactly happened to me. Day 1, since morning I had a sore throat and was quite low on energy, not thinking about the health but thinking about my house, my kids, husband, food and endless other things to address. Figuring out the chores for that day and fixing up the dinner, as soon as the body ache started for me in the evening, I completely isolated myself. I knew it was coming.

Without giving a second thought, but thinking about my husband and my two young kids, that was the smartest move I did, and today I am very proud of it. I wanted to save them from the ordeal at any cost. I knew my gut, it was covid and nothing else. My husband kept insisting in disbelief, it can’t be true. You know sometimes, we have to face the reality as it is, not as it was or we wish it to be. Covid is just like that, too bad to be believed.

Unfortunately, after the test, the negative thought came to be positive and I was locked inside for 15 days. 15 days without my kids, my husband, my day, struggling alone in the room and praying every second for myself to recover and my family to be safe and away from this terror. I could see how my house came plunging down. Someone who has never done the chores was supposed to take care of every nook and corner along with two young kids, who were unsure of what was happening around them. Starting from the food to cleaning, to washing, to every other task without thinking from where to start and how to stop? After struggling for two days, it was clear and blunt, let’s not try to manage alone and call for help. That is when we decided to call upon the troubleshooter, my mother, the only ray of hope, my lifeline to bring on the shine of positivity with her. Things were quite under control with her being around but that isolation was just so killing.

Three most important things that I have learnt during this isolation.
  • ISOLATE immediately and SAVE others. Don’t live in disbelief and wait for your test reports.
  • CALL for HELP. Shamelessly or blatantly, please take help. People are there to help.
  • EACH DAY is a new show, no rewind, no-repeat, hence the show must go on.

And then came the Art of Doing Nothing

Have you heard of the art of doing nothing? I really need to work upon that. This isolation was almost on the same lines and frankly, I have terribly failed. I would still prefer JUST one hour of ME time which I actually manage from my daily grind and I absolutely love it because it helps to rejuvenate and relax.

I was advised by many to enjoy this quaranTIME as ME time. But anything forced is unpleasant and this isolation was one of the forced ME time wherein I had all the luxury to binge-watch, surf, read, have coffee in peace, eat my meals in one go, no chores and all rest. All this followed by social craving, discomfort, dislike of medicines, thermometer, oximeter, vaporisers and above all LONELINESS.

And I missed them all awfully!

Kids…..They frustrate you, irritate you, consume you, but trust me they energise you, to keep going every single day, every single second.

Husband….those unnecessary arguments, listening to office verbose, those moments of silence, eating together for the meals, that invigorates you.

I’m glad that I and my family have made it through the worst and all will be okay. But this is so much bigger than just me and my family or you and your family. It’s stressful, inconvenient, uncomfortable and frustrating to be isolated and equally for your kids and family to manage.

I hope my blog makes you think twice about taking that non-essential trip to the store or going for a walk without a mask, without adhering to social distancing guidelines, then it’s all worth it! Please, please do your part and stay home.

If you do, hopefully someday soon we’ll be able to enjoy moments together again.


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