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    2021 is Knocking!

    2021Knock, Knock!

    2020Who is there?


    2020Ohhhh 2021! Where were you all this while…you know how long you took to bring back the smile?

    2021Smile, what do you mean?

    2020People hate me here and everywhere, they want me to just disappear!

    2021Disappear, you mean Go Away? But they are the ones who welcomed you with all their heart on the New years day?

    2020Yes, they did! But now they wish and pray for me to just be over and welcome YOU to take over.

    2021But what did you do all this while that everyone wants you to exile?

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    Do you still have Monday morning blues?

    Monday Blues

    Sounds weird, isn’t it? With new normal and almost everyone working from home, from where do Monday morning blues comes into the picture. Well for me, it does, I have started to have Monday morning blues and that too terrible ones.

    Since pandemic has forced all of us to group together at home and work from home, the weekend still holds a very special place in my heart. Weekdays are like all hell broke loose. With a husband and two kids locked in separate rooms, clinging to their gadgets, I literally go crazy hopping around from one room to another. Mumma….mom….Anu…..is all I could hear in the morning other than the continuous lectures which go in the background to chew my mind.

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    It is OKAY to not feel OKAY!

    Every day is a new day

    Have you ever experienced a few days when you just don’t feel good? I mean today is the same as yesterday but still, you feel too low, too dull, too tired to do anything. When suddenly you have this question, where am I heading, what am I doing, why am I doing and why do I not feel happy today?
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    An Ode to the Men

    International Men’s Day

    Today morning I woke up to a day celebrated as International Men’s Day, 19 November. Unlike International Women’s Day for which the noise starts almost a month before, we barely get to hear anything around Men’s Day. This makes me wonder why men’s day is so under-appreciated.

    In our society, when men try to find ways to express themselves, they often are not understood. Because, they are supposed to have a certain type of “Masculine ‘ behaviour i.e. powerful, strong and someone who cannot be emotional and just cannot CRY.

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    Karwa Chauth, the ‘ME’ festival

    Happy Karwa Chauth

    Karwa Chauth
    Karwa Chauth

    I can’t keep calm, its Karwa Chauth! Yeah, you got me right, we are just a few days away from the D day and the excitement has started to build up. Family traditions, get-togethers, sumptuous meals, gifts, rituals, traditions, beliefs and so on. Amongst all the festivals, my personal favourite is Karwa Chauth. A beautiful way to celebrate a woman! More than celebrating it for the long life of our beloved husband, we celebrate a woman. A woman who is born with an eternal power to protect herself and also protect others. The excitement of this festival is unmatchable with others.

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    There is so much to celebrate!

    Festivity in the air

    It’s that time of the year when we can smell the festivity around. With so many festivals being celebrated across India and Diwali just knocking our doors, the whole breeze around is so mystical.

    The time when we want to step into the traditional world of ‘Bharat’. From celebrating Ganesha to Durga Puja to Navratri to Dandiya, we have them all! During this time we wish to step into every tradition and make a connection with the community, with their rituals, with their festivity and with their culture. We just forget the caste, creed or religion and celebrate the happiness, the togetherness.

    With so many rituals, puja, lights and decoration, the whole aura around is so divine. And to further enhance the flavour we have colourful traditional attires, sweets, flowers and gifts. Surely, festivals give us a reason to be happy and enjoy life.