How To Learn Routine Is Not Mundane, it’s a Bliss!

Workaround the clock

kids morning routine
A daily routine for kids

How many of us feel that everyday routine is boring? The same old mad mornings, same old office, same people, same work and same boss. The same routine for kids going to school, breakfast, lunch, dinner and then again back to a similar grind. It is indeed monotonous where we have to keep dragging ourselves every morning. We do complain about work-life balance, family time, kids time, my time and nap time. Late-night sleep, late risers, no office, no school, no tiffins, no homework and the list goes on.

Uncalled exigency

What happens when on a regular mundane day our kids have a sudden holiday due to their health or some other necessity? The whole schedule for the day goes for a toss! We have to re-plan our office, food, daycare, work, home and hundreds of other things. And more so if husband falls sick? I mean just a sneeze or a borderline fever for them, it seems they need to rest for the whole day with thousand orders to address. It’s no less than taking care of a grown-up child which is all the more taxing.

Kids hale and healthy going to school is a blessing for parents. I know a regular day comes with a mad morning where we rush to the kitchen with our bladder full as soon as we get up from the bed. Regular morning comes with insane running between the kitchen, bedroom and washroom. It is indeed a sense of accomplishment every day once we are successfully able to drop the kids to their school on time. On the other hand, the husband going to the office on time is also a sense of peace for us. I know bosses freak them out, but that’s how it is. It is any day better than freaking us out.

However, the routine is never followed by a child. They make their own way, plan their own day. We should let them be free to an extent and do not impose time-limits on them. However, we should be calm and composed especially during our mad mornings and all will fall in place.  Read more to know what toddler drama has to say on routine and discipline for our little superheroes!

schedule routine
Kids schedule

Anything forced is unpleasant

Today, in the current scenario of Covid-19 we have everything that we wish during our regular mundane routine. No mad mornings, no running around the clock. No school, no boxes, work from home, spending quality time with kids, me time, playtime, at your comfort. But still, we are complaining because in this situation I can only say that anything forced is unpleasant. Yes, we are forced to stay home, it’s a lockdown but, we have the flexibility to work from home, not follow the routine, not sit in a roller coaster early in the morning, not clock 12 hours at work, but still we are unhappy. But as it is rightly said, “Happiness comes in waves, it will surely find us again”, until then, let’s try the ways and means to be happy in every situation. Click here, to read more on inspirational and motivational quotes.

New normal

Who would have thought a few years back that virtual reality will virtually become a reality so soon and we will be living in this so-called ‘New Norm’ of life? The primary learning for me through the whole episode of the lockdown is that a routine is not boring, it is not mundane. It keeps us going, it’s a bliss. We can cherish and enjoy our weekends or occasions or holidays because of the everyday routine(Let us welcome the festive season around the corner and make the most of it. Let’s come together virtually and celebrate Rakhi, like never before. Let’s try DIY and handmade rakhis, like never before). Welcome it and thank god every day for each day when all our family and friends are safe and sound and follow the same old routine!


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