The HAPPINESS of always being BUSY!

I am BUSY!

It’s been quite some time since I have come up with a new blog post. Now you might think why? And I shall come up with a  staple answer. I was quite busy hence, couldn’t get time to write or tied up with few things hence, no time off and blah blah blah…

Are these not few run-of-the-mill replies to procrastinate things or to give a picture to the other person that we are really really swamped?

Along these lines, here comes my long-awaited post ‘The happiness of being always busy’.

Working around the clock and running before time is the new MANTRA of today. The Happiness of being busy, busy and busier. We all are busy going around the same circle over and over again which gives us a feeling of doing nothing. With every passing day, we strive for more and more and at times we feel lost, without direction, following the same routine and conventional life.

In the same BOAT!

Consider for instance a Homemaker. They have hundreds of things to do when it comes to chores. Be it in the house or outside. Still, they are always on a lookout to keep themselves busier. I mean managing a house with kids is no less than managing a battalion, with 24 hours of surveillance.  One is answerable and accountable for everything right from pin to paper. It is almost like the whole house revolves around you. But still few are of the view, we wish to do something more than this. Despite being so busy, there is an emptiness. They feel answerable to society, answerable to one own self. WHY?

On the other hand, if we consider a working individual. Trapped between work and home. Leave no stone unturned to attain a position in the office, though not happy with the mundane work and daily routine. Still ready to pick up new projects and timelines to grab that desired designation and responsibilities. One hardly has a second to spare in the zest of maintaining the work-life balance but, most of the times one strive to thrive to overcome that exhaustion. WHY?

In both the schemes, being active and engaged is not happiness. However, being busy doing the same job, again and again, becomes taxing and exhausting which makes us lose the happiness quotient. The key to happiness is to maintain a balance between work and life. The answer is to find the right balance. Balance which keeps us busy and should not be burdensome. Balance which keeps us engaged and should not be tedious.

This pandemic is an ideal example of the scenario. I mean doing every possible task by ourselves, right from the household chores to managing kids and above all managing work. All this truly turned out to be quite taxing for every household. Nevertheless, people did make an extra effort to follow their passion or picked up their long lost hobbies, which was cast aside in this ever-busy world long ago. All this was done to take some time off from the routine life and attain that feeling of contentment and that happiness of being busy.

Love Yourself

In a way we are all forced to create such an image as if we are ahead of life, we are always working even though we might not get anywhere. The MANTRA here is not to sit idle but to do something which helps us to satisfy or discover our own self.  Even if it means just doing random things, by simply following our passion or picking up an avocation.

Happiness here is not a question of being busier and busier but to take some time off for your own self.

For a homemaker, a small catch up with friends, might give her a break from daily chores and pep her up for a few days. It might show her a new direction, brainstorm her for a new perspective by just speaking to a few friends. Who knows what clicks when.

A day off for a working professional might charge them for an entire month and they might come back stronger with new ideas and schemes.

Life is all about finding happiness for your own self, for your own soul. Take things at your own pace because you are not obliged to prove your worth to anyone, it’s not worth it. The only one who will lose will be you in a haste to achieve nothing. As they say, “The best project you will ever work on is YOU”.


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