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    Lockdown birthday ideas for kids

    lockdown birthday party
    lockdown birthday party ideas

    Lockdown birthday celebration

    The pandemic has forced us all to stay indoors for our safety and security. This has restraint for our birthday and anniversaries celebration. However, kids always look forward to their birthday celebration and it is just amazing to see how excited these innocent souls are for their birthdays.

    This year calls for a celebration without friends and family. Does it sound dull? Yes, of course, especially for our little heroes. But lockdown doesn’t mean that we cannot make their day special.

    Here are 5 unique ideas to make their day special and bring a smile on their face.

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    I still co-sleep my 7 year old!

    Co-sleeping older kids

    Co sleeping
    Co-sleeping older kids

    “Mom please come and sleep with me for 10 minutes!” This is what I hear from my son every night when I put him to bed. Those 10 minutes of snuggling, those 10 minutes of heart to heart conversation, those 10 minutes of giggling, those 10 minutes of hugs and kisses, those 10 minutes of cuddling, all this makes me feel, ‘motherhood is totally worth it’.

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    10 tips for Self Love that makes you Happy!

    A Homemaker-Mother

    Stay at home Mom
    Stay at home mom
    This is a story of my mother, a common mother with whom most of the millennials can relate to. A standard middle-class family with two kids, a businessman father and a homemaker, my mother. Life of my mother started with her parents, grown up in a business class family, got married at an early age, ordinary arrange marriage wherein the boy and a girl had never met before. Fortunately, stars used to be in favour of the couples then and most of the marriages used to turn out successful. So was the case with my parents.
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    Is this your Lockdown story too?

    Your One and Only

    Household Chores
    Household Chores

    How much I dreamt to be part of your everyday life;
    ever since you stepped into your married life.

    Amidst your juggle between home and office;
    I know my thoughts kept coming back to you, as promised.

    How much I had wished to be just you and me;
    when you would spend your days just thinking about me.

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    How To Learn Routine Is Not Mundane, it’s a Bliss!

    Workaround the clock

    kids morning routine
    A daily routine for kids

    How many of us feel that everyday routine is boring? The same old mad mornings, same old office, same people, same work and same boss. The same routine for kids going to school, breakfast, lunch, dinner and then again back to a similar grind. It is indeed monotonous where we have to keep dragging ourselves every morning. We do complain about work-life balance, family time, kids time, my time and nap time. Late-night sleep, late risers, no office, no school, no tiffins, no homework and the list goes on.

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